I’m at the point in my WIP where I have to begin building a futuristic world and society.  I’m finding it difficult, even though I’m not making crazy changes (there are no snarlufugus furried beasts that I’ve created or anything).

I guess what I’m finding difficult is not so much describing what I’m seeing in my head, but I keep asking myself, “does this sound stupid?”

I’m sure it is because of my insecurities more than anything else, but I’m anxious about eventually giving it to betas and finding out that I totally blew it.

I think it’s making me even more nervous because I totally see this society building in my brain and I want to do it justice.

As if the blogging gods heard my prayers, I stumbled about Janice Hardy’s blog series specifically dealing with world building in your writing.

So far, she’s talked about (using construction metaphors):

The Foundation

Putting Up the Walls

Building Out the Rooms


Showing It Off

If you are having to world build, what are you finding particularly difficult?

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3 Responses to “the trouble with world building is…”

  1. BigWords88 says:

    Pruning. Simple as that. Even when the details don’t really matter overall, the minor bits of information which connect everything behind the scenes seem to come out in monologue or paragraphs of description – especially when I’m writing anything set in the future (even the “five minutes in the future” branch of SF). I normally take what is available now in laboratories and R&D departments and see if it fits in any meaningful way, and using something which has a proven basis in science throws up a bunch of technical questions I can’t hand-wave away.

    RFID (current obsession), wireless electricity transfer, microburst datastreaming and other cool adaptations and improvements of existing technologies may be some years off – or nigh impossible in the case of a single government database – but the implications in a fictional environment make me want to explore them in detail. It may be interesting for tech geeks to try and predict the future, but for other readers it is as incomprehensible as Trekkie gobbledygook. It’s hard knowing when to pull back from that.

    I’ll wait until all the links are up before I start clickety-clicking.

  2. I saw your post and AW so thought I’d check out your blog. It’s beautiful! So readable & the images are fabulous.

    To answer your question, that hardest part about building the world for me is keeping it alive. I have a hard time having the characters interact with it. But at the same time, I don’t like just straight exposition. So it’s a balancing act for me. I have a tendency to let the world disappear & focus on the characters.

    Thanks for the links!

  3. Amanda Plavich says:

    Thanks, Kristen!

    And thanks for y’all comments. I agree with everything y’all are saying 100%. It’s been interesting try to balance it all.

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